Musing to myself here…

You know, I have a lot of stories floating around, both published and unpublished, but not one ‘defining’ story. I like to think I have several very good stories out there, and a couple of great ones on the way, but I want something ‘Ted Chiang’ or ‘Margo Lanagan’ good. Something defining, by which I’ll benchmark everything else I write.

I think I’m going to go for it with my next piece, public pressure and all. I’ll craft and whittle and nurture this one until it’s as good as I can possibly make it, and then see where I sit as a writer. Can I produce a truly outstanding short story? Should be an intriguing test.

This one has been boiling away in my mind for over a year, so there are some strong core elements ready to write.

The story will be called “The Abandonment of Grace, and Everything After” and it’s my challenge for the next six months: to plough the depths and write as good a story as I can. Am I up to it? Am I good enough to produce something truly world class? Time will tell.

…okay, end musing.