Musing on time and changes

It’s been a while since I’ve updated any news here. I’m able to do so now as I’m off work sick – my voice has shrivelled up and everything aches or burns (or both). It must be a post-Conflux lurgy, according to my boss (he’s a doctor). I did manage a couple of days in the office, getting the November edition of the day-job mag finished and squeezing in an interview with WA’s new health minister.

Now, I wait and recuperate before I need to recuperate again. I’ll be in hospital in a few days, so this fleeting moment of limbo is a good chance to reflect on things. The operation shouldn’t be much of a drama (although the admissions nurse asked me whether I was allergic to latex and if I had any loose teeth, which kinda threw me, since the op’s somewhat south of my mouth).

Which started me on this line of thought … People with more visible online presences than mine are often praised for their hard work, and good luck to them, but I reckon if anyone has time to blog more than once or twice a month, then either they have more free time than I do or else I mustn’t be as efficient. There’s clearly no rest for the wicked. 😉

In the last few days, I’ve read all the Midnight Echo stories so far (and Angela has sent several rejections off), I’m not far off finishing the typesetting/layout for Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror Vol 3, and I’m also laying out Black #3.

I raised the time thing because I imagine I’ll be finishing ADFH and Black while recuperating next week. It should give me something to focus on. I don’t think I’ll ever be accused of having idle hands.

After that, things will be hectic for a good long while to come, but I’m looking to make some significant changes to my life. One of the changes I’ve already set in place is novel writing. Given a recent and timely prod, I’ve tackled a novel with gusto. No doubt, more on that will follow later. I’d also like to get all the loose end projects tied up and released out into the world, namely finishing Tales from the Sunburnt Realm with Nigel and some other stuff Angela and I have in various stages of production, and stop any new projects for a while. I’m hoping, should the winds blow in a favourable direction, that late 2008 and the first half of 2009 will be a time of completion so the latter half of 2009 can be a time of renewal and fresh energies.

I have plenty of novels begging to be written. I’d love to see Black streamlined and more succesful. I’d also like to travel and see more of the family. Perhaps when I’m rolled out of the surgery, I’ll have that feeling of ‘Here’s your life handed back to you, now stop treading water. Here’s your chance to make a difference.’

I’d like to think so.