Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Day

Rage Against the NightI edited an anthology a couple of years ago entitled Rage Against the Night. It was conceived to help mate and HWA president Rocky Wood raise funds in his fight against motor neurone disease.

MND is a terrible life-limiting illness that progressively shuts down the body. Today is MND Awareness Day, and I’d urge you to donate to your local MND organisation. If you’re in New Zealand, it is or if you’re in Australia, it is

If you’d like to support Rocky and enjoy dark fiction that gives evil the finger (written by the masters of horror & fantasy such as Stephen King, Ramsey Campbell, Peter Straub, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, F. Paul Wilson, Jonathan Maberry, Nancy Holder, Scott Nicholson and many more, including Aussies Stephen M. Irwin, David Conyers, and Gary Kemble), then I’d urge you to pick up a copy today.

Rocky has published a number of non-fiction books, so if Rage Against the Night doesn’t appeal, you can support him by buying one of those.