More swings and roundabouts

Well, with the acceptance of Countdown Macabre by Antipodean SF, I just knew other story related news would arrive in waves. And so it has come to pass!

On the not so good side of the ledger, Room Three has been rejected by the folk at Borderlands magazine. While I didn’t altogether not expect this, my hopes were raised when I found it had been read by two other editors. It’s my first rejection from Borderlands (they accepted Hear No Evil), but I feel determined to get another (better) story in there.

I did reread the story, and the writing is quite strong, so I have no qualms about submitting it elsewhere. The only thing is the story is a little familiar, and lacks substantial conflict. Even so, I’ve now sent it off to Lullaby Hearse, in the hopes of publication. It is, in the end, still a quality piece.

I also had the novelty of finding a rejection letter from the illustrious Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Not a form rejection mind you, a letter (albeit a cute little A5 sized one). They said my novelette, Kraken, had some nice writing, but the story didn’t grab the editor.

This, on top of rejections from ASIM and Daikaiju (although they have shown interest in a re-submission after a major rewrite), have left me wondering. All three publications received my ‘abridged’ version – the non-serialised one. That seems to be the problem. The quality is there, but when it is all joined together, the story may seem a little flabby. It retains much more dramatic impact when serialised. So that’s what I’m gonna do.

It’s already in serialised form in Disparate Whispers. I’m really not sure where to send it – whether back to Daikaiju in cut-down form, or some other market. The possibles include Scrybe Press (as a chapbook), but they ask for extensive rights over a few years, which impacts on the story’s inclusion in my collection; Adventure Fiction Online, which seems to serialise longer works, and appears a good fit, although they are at the lower end of pay rates; and Superliminal anthology – although they appear to want hard SF only. Suffice to say, I’m trawling and Engen’s market search for suitable places to submit it.

Lastly, I received confirmation that Repaginator has passed the first round of stories at Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (ASIM) – in the space of a day! This morning they notified me of receipt, this arvo, it’s into round two. Makes a writer feel all special inside. I have high hopes for this one. It’s very ‘ASIM’y

In the revision stakes, I now have a final draft of Genesis Six that will be inserted into Disparate Whispers. The manuscript will be posted on Monday. The story itself will also be sent to Brutarian. Who knows, if it doesn’t make the cut there (and I wouldn’t send it if I didn’t believe it could), then it could be my next Borderlands or Aurealis submission. I remain conscious of maintaining a presence in Australian publications, even though the pay is less. It’s all about reputation building.

I’m also keeping my eyes close to the email box. I should find out about Victims of Circumstance and Firewall v1.1 very soon. A few others are also about due. Could be fun times ahead.