More loaded on the conveyor belt

Doing two courses at once certainly spins the head. However, I’m pulling clear on the writing diploma. Today I rattled off another TWO assignments, bringing my cumulative total up to 15 completed. I’m now on assignment 16 of 18. The end is near!

Strangely (or not so strangely), I’m cruising in this course. It’s meant to be a nationally recognised Advanced Diploma of Arts (Writing & Editing), and yet, it feels less ‘challenging’ than the web site TAFE Certificate IV. Perhaps because I don’t need to attend classrooms, and I can wade straight through the crap and get into the assignments I find it easier. Not to mention the natural aptitude of course.

It’s just that I have two or three TAFE assignments looming, and I’ve half done all of them, yet they seem so much more of a hassle. Maybe it’s the whole person to person contact thing. I work better on my own it seems.

In another of life’s ironies, while I subbed off two assignments, which presumably will go to Robert Stephenson, despite our other working arrangement on An Alternative Time, I received in the mail not less than 13 BEEFY stories from the AT anthology. When I say beefy, I mean beefy. Robert advertised 3500-8000 words, and a few of these stories are certainly in that upper range. Perhaps with the bite-sized Shadowed Realms stories (all less than 1000 words), I’ve become used to the shorter length. Let’s just say, all those long stories/novelettes were certainly daunting.

So that’s all for now… it looks like I have some reading to do.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. Autobahn Dance was rejected by Borderlands 6 anthology. While some at Speculations have complained bitterly over the biting rejections, all I can say is mine was terse. It’s a good thing I’ve played it safe and simultanenously subbed it, otherwise I’d have a long wait for very little. I also have Firewall v1.1 with them, but won’t hold my breath.