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I forgot to mention that my brutal, rather confronting story “Wrack” went online on Halloween over at Australian Reader (as part of their Halloween horror special).

“Wrack” was my favourite original from Shards. It’s nasty but poses an often overlooked question: what sort of person would survive a viral apocalypse?
Find out by clicking the clicky (and reading some other dark stuff by some talented newcomers). While there, be sure to check out Richard Harland’s views on publishing.
Other freebies
In recent months, I’ve been offering an extravaganza of free fiction. C’mon, folks, it’s five minutes out of your day to read one of these stories, and I guarantee it’s all good stuff! As a reminder, you can:
  • Download my free chapbook Shards: Damned and Burning (click on the Shards thumbnail for download info). It has a few exclusive Andrew J. McKiernan illustrations not seen in Shards or elswhere;
  • Read the creepy, scratch-inducing Itch, which is part of LegumeMan’s free series; or
  • Visit my website (click on the Free Fiction link).


  1. Trost says:

    I came across Wrack on the Australian Reader website. It certainly does leave the reader posing himself some rather uncomfortable questions about just how well we know ourselves.

  2. Shane Jiraiya Cummings says:

    G'day Trost,

    I'm glad I could inspire you in an uncomfortable way! Thanks for reading the story.