More dribbles

Another day, another couple of hundred words.

This time, the words coalesced into a retold fairy tale with a dark slant. I know it’s been done to death, but I couldn’t help myself… I toyed with Snow White.

Here’s an excerpt of my new flash story, The Mirror Speaks.

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,” the Queen intoned with perfect eloquence, staring into her flawless reflection. “Who is the fairest of them all?”

The mirror fogged, the Queen’s reflection transforming into the snarling face of a maiden. The maid’s high, rosy cheeks accentuating the ethereal beauty of her lily-white skin. Despite the snarl, and hate-filled eyes, she remained radiant.

Little dribbles eventually turn into a tide. It’s a comforting thought.

In other news, Ange spent the evening out at a Juvenile Justice seminar. They’re looking for recruits for youth workers to work within the juvenile justice system (read, ‘in prisons and detention centres’). After the seminar, Ange seems keen to join. There are good and bad points – money, long shifts but fewer of them, travel time, training etc. It should be interesting to see how it pans out, assuming she goes for it.

Oh, and in educational matters, I pulled my finger out and applied for the Associate Degree at Southern Cross Uni. That should be a blast. The Advanced Diploma was a walk in the park (mind you, I just have to get past the Poetry module, and I’m home free).