More Ditmars

In the interest of not being totally me-o-centric, I thought I might point potential Ditmar nominators to the fine work done by others this year. I thought the following were well worthy of nominations and support:

The Memory of Breathing by Lyn Battersby (ASIM #17)
Aspect Hunter by Anthony Fordham (Daikaiju!)
The Red Priest’s Homecoming by Dirk Flinthart (ASIM #17)

The Greater Death of Saito Saku by Richard Harland (Daikaiju!)
Tumble by Trent Jamieson (Ideomancer Vol 4, #4)
Malik Rising by Paul Haines (Shadowed Realms #8)
Johnny Cash (A Tale in Questionnaire Results) by Ben Peek (Shadowed Realms #4)

Ticonderoga Online (ed. Russell B Farr et. al) – Russell and the gang put out four solid issues in 2005. Good stuff!
Daikaiju! Giant Monsters Tales (ed. Robert Hood & Robin Pen) – a unique, high-quality anthology of monstrous stories.

Body Parts by Chris Lawson (Borderlands #4)
The State of the Zombie Film by Robert Hood (

Australian Speculative Fiction: A Genre Overview by Donna Maree Hanson

Also as an addendum to my Ditmar post, I thought to myself: why do I do this sort of pimpage? The simple answer is I don’t believe people are aware of the stuff people such as Angela, and the HorrorScope team, are up to. Western Australia feels very isolated at times. I also read somewhere today that people do email solicitation for Ditmar votes etc. I think I must be naive in that regard. Clogging up the blogosphere for a post or two is verging on too much in my book, and is a passive form of pimpage at that.