More awesome reviews

Apocrypha Deviance3I know it’s a bit boring when an author carries on about reviews (good or bad), but I’ve had a spate of really amazing ones (four and five stars out of five). Given my books have been slow starters when it comes to reviews (and copped some lacklustre critical responses upon their release), you’ll have to excuse me this indulgence.

On Amazon, Mary thought Apocrypha Sequence: Deviance was a 5 out of 5, with this comment:

I really loved this story [sic – technically, a collection] and am looking forward to reading the sequels. Keep [sic] me on the edge of my seat.”

Deviance also picked up some love at Barnes & Noble. One 4-star review was simply titled “weird and gory” (awesome!), and another anonymous reviewer said of Deviance:

I liked the first story, Hear No Evil, the best. Interlude, With Lavender was good too.”

The latter comment really brightened my day. “Interlude, With Lavender” was a kind of connective story in my Stratton Memorial Hospital sequence. I hesitated about including it in Deviance because not much really happens in the story, but I took the time to rewrite it from its original form, and I was fairly happy with the results. I kind of expected people to hate the story, or at least be ambivalent about it, so it’s heartening to hear at least some people enjoyed it.

Linda rated The Smoke Dragon 5 out of 5 on Amazon, and had this to say:

This novella is perfect for anyone looking for a quick read and a good time. The story-line is intriguing, and the flow and rhythm of the piece (though simplistic) stirs the imagination and muse of the reader. An excellent tale. It leaves you hungering for more!”

Thanks, Linda! As I said in my last news post, there will *definitely* be more stories in the Adventures of Yamabushi Kaidan.

And lastly, on Amazon, Amy had this intriguing (and somewhat perplexing) 4-star review of Rage Against the Night:

Rage Rage against all disease of spirit and body! Stories range from scary to cynical inducing chicken skin smiles and even unexpected gag reflexes and shrieking. Rocky must truly rock at his core to have inspired such an anthology. RAGE ON!!”

I don’t know what a chicken skin smile is (and should I?), but for the record, Rocky does truly rock at his core. He’s done more than most people would suspect to promote horror in Australia and internationally.