Midnight Echo #2

Midnight Echo #2

What was that? Did you hear something? That sound, in the middle of the night, like a scream, or if you listen intently enough, a baby’s cry?

Yes, the AHWA’s dark beast, MIDNIGHT ECHO #2 has been published, and its gibberous voice will be heard! Edited by Angela Challis & me, it contains a plethora of talented authors and artists.

  • Joanne Anderton’s story will crush your hope.
  • Jason Crowe’s story will steal a precious piece of you.
  • Andrew McKiernan’s story will whisper to the voices in your head.
  • Kurt Newton’s stories (there’s two) will unnerve the shit out of you and cause your skin to crawl.
  • Shaun Jeffrey’s story will make you block your ears.
  • Trost’s story will make you feel dirty.
  • David Conyers’ story will break you.
  • Kris Ashton’s story will manifest your nightmares.
  • Chris Reed’s story offers everything you could ever need.
  • Bob Franklin’s story takes aim at your preconceptions.
  • And Felicity Dowker’s story will set you free…

There’s plenty more in there, but you’ll probably be a broken shell of a person by the time you read these. Download a copy for $3.50 here (AHWA members get it for free!).