Medicated (and Clarion stuff)

Yesterday I faced a needle. A big one, syphoning hungry mouthfuls from my vein. Perhaps it was my mood but I thought I could feel the thing sucking. Suffice to say, the experience was uncomfortable.

So as a result of this recent trip to the doctor, my heart rate and blood pressure are absolutely perfect but I seem to be quite off on the whole BMI thing. Very off. So now I’m on this rather cute drug called Duromine. In simpler terms – an amphetamine. In layman’s terms – speed. I’ll be on it for three months, but boy, it sure as hell will be an interesting trip, especially given my time at Clarion (when I’ll be upping the dose). Quite inadvertantly, I’ll be the most pepped-up and prepared person ever to set foot in a residential writers workshop. Sleep? Who needs that? After only two days, I’ve found I can’t/don’t/won’t. This at least should mean plenty of story time, if I can focus enough. 3 second attention span. Just call me goldfish boy!

The upside is I feel energised (and not the least bit hungry) in a way I have never experienced in my entire life. I intend to take full advantage.

Onto more things Clarion – I received the electronic info pack, which was quite informative. I even found out I’ll be staying on the middle level of the dorm (alternatively referred to as the ‘crisper’ and ‘Middle Earth’ by the virginal Clarionites of 2004). Me, I prefer the ‘black hole’ – because it will be the centre of the universe while I’m there (and probably as messy as all hell). I’ll be sharing digs with interesting folk like Kenrick (is it Ken? is it Rick? it’s both!) Yoshida, Nathan Burrage, Emma Munro, Lily Chrywenstrom and Nike Bourke.

While on the subject of naming names – the honour roll for CLARIONATOR: THE GAME includes:

Bats – Suzanne Church.

Geez people! Looks like a whole bunch of non-gumption was applied to this little meme. Thanks Suzanne for brightening a few precious moments of my cybertime as I trawled the internet for your pre-Clarion South nickname. All you other non-participaters feel shame! I’ll be hauling my japanese training swords over there and will definately be kicking some lazy, non-meme-participating arse! I do however note that the suggestively pseudonymed Jun Aras has an excellent list of the Clarion South 2005 blogs and there’s bugger all when it comes to active bloggers and web-presences. Geez people (again!)! You’re writers, get onto that web and write stuff, even if it is self-absorbed dribble like I spout!


Elsewhere… I’m almost finished TAFE. Just a couple of assignments due for my very last unit, which should be wrapped up within the week.

Ange and I also directed our energies to Christmas shopping this afternoon, and I’m very happy to report all of my extended family shopping has been satisfactorily concluded. Now, just need to buy for those closest to home.

And speaking of which, Hayley is due to return from her epic leavers week adventure. We heard (via SMS) she’s been involved in all sorts of wild shenanigans, including crosswords puzzles and clothes shopping. So in a nutshell, despite being given total leeway to go nuts without parental supervision, she expressed her inner nerd and did bugger all! I guess we’ll see if this opinion is confirmed tomorrow. Stay tuned!