Macabrage and reviewage

One of the cool perks of being on the periphery of Brimstone Press is that I get to be involved in cool projects. I also get to look over shoulders (discretely, of course) while others put together super cool projects. The forthcoming Macabre: The New Era in Australian Horror anthology is one of those.

Angela and Marty are quietly tinkering away on this one, and based on the names sitting in the submissions inbox, this will be one cracker of an anthology. About time too, I reckon. Generic spec fic anthologies (even themed anthologies) seem to be the rage right now, so it’s fantastic to see something outright and unashamedly dark being put together.

So this is my plug for the day. The submission period ends soon (guidelines here), so if you’re a writer reading this and you tend toward the dark side in your fiction (like me), get a story in. Think of it this way – a bumper anthology filled with Shadowed Realms-quality stories up to 15,000 words. It’s enough to entice me to submit my absolute best (more on that later). I’m excited!

For another plug, mosey on over to HorrorScope. There have been some excellent reviews posted lately, including the most insightful review of Shadowed Realms #10 (by Andrew McKiernan) I’ve read to date, plus a good exploration of Lee Battersby’s Through Soft Air collection.

Speaking of reviews, ASif! have posted some very positive reviews of Shadowed Realms #10 and Shadowed Realms #8 (my solo-edited edition, which also featured my nasty body-horror story Congo Jenga), as well as a review of ASIM #22 with my story Love in the Land of the Dead. I thought my little zombie love story would catch a little more positive attention than it has, but such are the tastes of the reading public. I also received a nod for my flash story The Mirror Speaks in the review of Antipodean SF #94. Am I in danger of being overexposed? Never!