Love in the Land of the Dead (with a vengeance!)

Some of you may remember an amusing piece of flash fiction I had published in ASIM a couple of years ago … a love story about a guy who recognises the coolness of zombies even amid the carnage? That story was entitled “Love in the Land of the Dead” and it’s back, in stereo, in technicolour, with a goddamn vengeance!

First of all, you’ll find the story reprinted in ASIM’s awesome Best of Horror 2 (along with another darkly humorous┬ástory of mine, “Memoirs of a Teenage Antichrist“). You can buy this nifty anthology from the ASIM website (and part proceeds go to Variety Australia!).

Even more spectacularly, Australia’s master of the horror pulps, comic maestro Jason Paulos, has adapted a script I wrote of “Love” and turned it into seven pages of pure, unadulterated awesome for his Eeek! horror comic series. Want a glimpse of said awesomeness? Check this out:

Eeek! will be available next month in all good newsagents. Check it out and hail to the zombie pulp king, baby! Yeah!