Lookin’ good – feelin’ better

You may notice I’ve snazzed up the blog a little. Just a little, mind you. It’s now more in line with my ‘branded corporate image’. That’s wanker speak for ‘it looks more like my web page’. Enjoy!

I’m still looking for the smoke and the mirror graphics, but I’ll get there eventually.

In other vanity related news, yesterday I completed 2 TAFE assignments from scratch, but I’m happy with the results. One was meant to be a 1 page report. Mine ended up becoming six. Oh well, it’s all good. I also found out I scored excellently in a couple of other TAFE assignments I submitted before the week long break.

To cap off a good day, the final proof for Hear No Evil (from Borderlands magazine)unexpectedly arrived today. The changes were few, only a couple of minor oversights. But the important thing is it LOOKED like it would appear in the mag. Hell, it seems it was even on page 15, a prized spot for the story. I am unsure when the issue comes out, as I am waiting to hear about that vital piece of info, but with any luck, it will be published by early November, and in time for the Aurealis and Stoker awards (which, if you read the previous entry, you’ll know I’m pimping Sobek’s Tears outreageously for).

Speaking of Sobek – Aurealis asked for my bio the other day. It was a last minute rush job, so I assume the mag will be out any day now. *Rubs hands together with glee*

So double woo hoo! Two of my best – two great magazines – a swag of awards out there to plunder. Life is good.

Aside from this – the Clarion South crew have received my deposit, and everything is on track for my arrival. They were even kind enough to write a rather glowing letter of support for a grant application. In other Clarion news, I’ve already purchased Sean William’s The Crooked Letter, and Margo Lanagan’s Black Juice. I’ve hatched a not-so-subtle scheme to scam signed books from the tutors. How starry eyed am I?

And finally, Ange and I cut a cheque on Wednesday for our membership to Swancon XXX. As first time convention goers, we have no bloody idea what the term membership refers to – it sounds like an inflated entry fee to me. While I meekly accept these things (and mailed the cheque on the last day to take advantage of cheaper fees), Ange luxuriated in a tirade about elitist activities, such as capped ‘membership’ conventions.

Should be a fun (and damn interesting) time next March.