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Aside from jotting down nigh on 1000 Harbinger words, breathing funny over the incremental success of Disparate Whispers at the publishers, dominating the discussion board over at Southern Horror (the Horror Writers of Australia yahoo newsgroup), hassling Robert Stephenson over the progress of An Alternative Time anthology, congratulating Ange on her final day of TAFE and generally making a nuisance of myself, I did a spot of Jiraiya research.

During the websearch, I realised I had never found out what ‘jiraiya’ actually translated to. I knew Jiraiya was a legendary ninja, and I knew of some of his exploits, but didn’t know much else. Now I do. I updated it on my FAQ. It seems to translate to ‘young thunder’, or perhaps ‘Earth thunder’. I laughed my arse off when an anime character named Jiraiya was described simultaneously as a powerful ninja, a writer, and pervert. Too close to the bone? Well…

I also came across the cutesy Jiraiya! The Magical Ninja! game. I couldn’t help myself, so I uploaded a couple of images (with copyright acknowledgement of course), including the one above.

All this, and The Black Door, my magnificent yet ill-fated and oft-rejected story, was (surprise) rejected again, this time by the Encounters anthology. Obviously too ‘horror’ish. I’ve resubbed it to Flesh & Blood, with a view to a few other US mags should it fail there.