The new web presence has been launched – www.jiraiya.com.au!

Well, truth be told, it is exactly the same as my old website – content-wise – it’s just at a funky new URL. For anyone who goes to the old site – www.ascension.com.au/jiraiya, you’ll find yourself on a cool redirect page, which will take you straight to the new site. There are of course a few minor gremlins, namely the Harbinger pages, and the links page, but they will soon be straightened out.


For the first time in what seems a long time, I wrote 1600+ shiny new words today. The feeling is splendiferous. I’ll keep trying tonight, and see what may come to pass.

Here’s a sample (one that I particularly liked):

Professor Malcolm shifted in his chair, leaning forward to pinion Simon with flat black eyes. All trace of pomposity had fallen from his face, replaced by the predatory glare of a hawk.