I took some time out to check the inbox early last week and found an email inviting me to participate in the 2007 Oz SF Snapshot interviews. “Why not?” I thought, believing it might make an interesting diversion from all that’s happening and maybe help me reconnect with people – so the interview was posted last Sunday on Rosie Clarke’s blog (and also on the ASif website). Thanks for your efforts, Rosie.

Interesting (but not surprising) that the only feedback to a fairly innocuous interview was some snide remarks. So well done, small press! Keep on condoning this stuff and thanks for the sensitivity.

On a more positive note, I’ve posted lengthy interviews with David Conyers and John Sunseri on HorrorScope, along with an equally lengthy review of their Cthulhu Mythos linked novel The Spiraling Worm. The interviews are definitely worth a read, particularly for anyone considering dabbling with cosmic horror.

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