I’m back… and Dark Wisdom confirmed

I’ve been away for a while (visiting family interstate) and have been incredibly busy since returning, so there’s PLENTY to mention in the next few posts.

Dark WisdomFirst cab off the rank… contracts have now been signed and my story “Hear No Evil” is confirmed to appear in the long-awaited Dark Wisdom anthology. That book is going to rock so hard it will tear the space-time continuum with its otherworldly vibrations. The anthology is due out in Spring (for we Southern hemisphere-ites), so expect it anytime in the next three months.

Given my story is non-Cthulhuian, I imagine the antho is a departure from Dark Wisdom’s traditional Mythos fare and more of a general horror antho (hence the subtitle ‘The Best of Dark Fiction’).

Elder Signs Press has the runs on the board – it is a small company producing quality books. If you’re interested in high quality dark fiction, I’d urge you to order a copy.


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  1. David Conyers says:

    Congrats Shane. By the way, most stories in the Dark Wisdom magazine were not Cthulhu Mythos, so I think you'll find that you are in similar company.

    Now to find a table of contents to see who else is in it.