I’ll stop when I’m dead …

*gasp* Just *gasp* taking *gasp* a break *gasp* from my hectic *gasp* Continuum leadup *gasp* schedule *cough*


The weeks since returning from Thylacon have positively flown by. Again, anything resembling a con report is not going to eventuate, but needless to say Ange and I had a splendiferous time, despite the cold, the tiny turnout, and the rather odd, con-goer unfriendly hotel layout. The pensioners handing over their soul in one and two dollar installments in the casino was also a great horror inspiration, albeit a sad endictment on life.

The post-Continuum con report will more than make up for my lack of reportage. I promise. 😉


The results are in:

Learning Technology & the Academy…..Credit
Journalism I……………………..Distinction
Introduction to Written Texts………Distinction
Intro. to Creative Writing…………Distinction

Super woot!

The Learning Technology one was a funny one. I returned home to find a disastrous major assignment result of exactly 50% – a bare pass. The lecturer spent more than a page in comments blasting my underachievement and reliance on quoted material in the essay. The comments were especially cutting for two reasons. For one, the lecturer emphasised my ‘obvious talent for writing’, and appeared to hold me to a higher standard. Secondly, it was cutting because it was all true. I’d skimped on preparing most of my assignments, handed almost all of them in late, and generally treated the semester as a way to pass time. This lecturer noticed. In a way it was oddly comforting and affirmed my faith in individuals as part of the system. It also made me sit up and fly right (so to speak).

I pulled the grade back to a credit with an unlikely high distinction from a written speech, which the said same lecturer compared my work to Jean Baudelarde and enthused it was amongst the best speeches they’d ever read. I wasn’t sure how to take that so close on the heels to the written sucker-punch delivered in the prior assignment – especially given my speech contained a metaphorical rant about the university system being little more than an out-of-control vehicle speeding blindly down an information superhighway (a mixed metaphor in there somewhere no doubt!). I even went on about Aristotle and greek philosophers as roadkill crunched beneath steel-belted radials. It was half rhetoric, half horror fiction!


In the Heart of Midnight is all but fully edited, and really only awaits the inclusion of Hunting the Angel of Midnight, The Moonlight Man, and perhaps Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves. All of which really need to be (very considerably) fleshed out. I do have 65k or so very sparkling words in a very sinister collection.

Tales from the Sunburnt Realm has taken a bit of my time lately. The antho premise is excellent (shared-world colonial SF), and the author list is impressive, as are the first selection of stories. I had a good old chat with my co-editor (and project instigator) Nigel and over hot food, hot drink, and the noise of the occasional screaming child (it WAS a Midland cafe) we hammered out a few of the burning editorial issues of the moment.

Shadow Box progresses very well, with a healthy slice of authors already accepted to the project. It’s early days but I can’t express how cool this one will be.

Speaking of cool, Shadowed Realms preparations are transforming my life into, well, something of a shadow of its former self. However the end product is rocking my socks so hard my sock draw exploded. It has been a busy time – I have been acting editor-in-chief since Ange was vilely abducted by Vilewatch. All this work AND I have to negotiate a ransom! Geez!

Continuum looms in less than a week now. My life will probably be changed from the event, but until then, I’ll stop when I’m dead.

*Runs back to Shadowed Realms central to the chorus of cracking whips*