HWA stuff

Well, some great news has rolled in regarding my membership in the US Horror Writers Association. I’ve been a member for four or five years and have made more than enough pro short story sales (Shadowed Realms, Surreal, Horror Literature Quarterly, shorthorror.com, Dark Wisdom …) but with my recent publication of “Hear No Evil” in the Anthology of Dark Wisdom, I finally obtained enough documentation to upgrade to Active member status.

So yay! I’m now an Active HWA member.
In somewhat related news, my collection Shards has been doing pretty well in the first round of the HWA’s Bram Stoker Awards (the one award I’ve always wanted to win – or at least, be nominated for). It’s early days yet, but my fingers are crossed that it will make the preliminary Stoker ballot. We’ll see how it goes…
As I’ve already mentioned, the ever supportive crew over at AHWA’s Sinister Reads blog are running a series of posts about Aussies who have received recommendations in the first round of the Stokers. Today, they’ve posted about Shards. Check it out here.
And if you want to know what all the fuss is about with Shards, Brimstone Press has a brilliant deal at the moment where if you buy a Brimstone book (such as Shards) through the publisher’s website, you get double movie passes to both Zombieland AND Paranormal Activity. Most of the free tickets have gone, so what are you waiting for?