Horror Literature Quarterly

I’ve mentioned before that my story “Itch” is to appear in new US pro zine Horror Literature Quarterly. Well, I’ve now discovered I’m one of the three authors appearing in the debut issue of this very promising looking publication. I’ve never been part of a launch line-up before, so I’m especially looking forward to HLQ #1.

I’ll be sharing the table of contents with US author Nate Southard and Irish-born Bram Stoker winner Kealan Patrick Burke. It’s a trans-continental smorgasbord of horror!

Horror Literature Quarterly is expected to be launched in the early days of April (immediately after the World Horror Convention). It’s one to keep an eye on.

If you need a primer on my rather experimental piece, here’s a snippet:

It nags, this itch. It wants to be noticed. It wants to weep.

He scratches.

It bleeds.

It burns.

He scratches until it bleeds and burns too much, until he grimaces from the pain, until his threshold is reached.

Then he waits, poised. Fingers clawed, nails dark and glistening from the furrow of skin pink and red and spreading.

He scratches a little more.