Horror Day prelude

First, a public service announcement:

Next Friday the 13th has been designated the ‘Horror Day of Action’.

Horror Day is a call to arms for all fans of dark fiction to buy a horror book, give away a horror book, buy or rent a horror movie, or read ghost stories to the kids. In short, it is a day to raise awareness of the genre.

On behalf of the Australian Horror Writers Association (AHWA), I’ve sent a media release to many Australian newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and TV stations, to encourage awareness of horror literature. AHWA committee members and some prominent Australian horror authors will also be participating in media interviews to further promote Horror Day.

So please support Australian dark fiction by spreading the word – and remember to pick up a book or DVD next Friday.

If you’re in Perth, Brimstone Press is sponsoring a Horror Day reading at Fantastic Planet bookstore (Shafto Lane, Perth) at 6pm, Friday the 13th. The reading will feature many prominent WA dark fiction writers, including Stephen Dedman, Lee Battersby, Lyn Battersby, Carol Ryles, myself, and others. The event will be MCed by Shadowed Realms and Brimstone Press editor Angela Challis.

West Aussies – please support the dark side of speculative fiction by coming along to Fantastic Planet on Friday, listening to some scary stories, and perhaps buying an Australian horror book or two. Free alcohol will be in plentiful supply.

For those people scouting for a good Aussie horror book, recently released titles include the Lothian ‘Dark Suspense’ line: Carnies by Martin Livings, Prismatic by Edwina Grey, The Mother by Brett McBean, and The Darkness Within by Jason Nahrung (the latter available Jan 07); the Prime Books collections: Never Seen By Waking Eyes by Stephen Dedman, Through Soft Air by Lee Battersby, and Doorways for the Dispossessed by Paul Haines; and Cemetery Dance Publications’ Basic Black: Tales of Appropriate Fear by Terry Dowling. We also have e-copies and a few CD copies of the critically-acclaimed Shadow Box e-anthology available from Brimstone Press.

If magazines are more your scene, read Shadowed Realms online for free! Or you can pick up a copy of Dark Animus or perhaps Borderlands.

Now a personal statement:

I’m practically out on my feet and have been for at least a week now. Much of it has to do with upcoming Horror Day events. The Fantastic Planet reading is going to be, well, fantastic, and there is no better opportunity to promote dark fiction than on Friday the 13th. The idea rocks – how could I not come to the party. The AHWA have been great to Aussie dark fiction, so I think it’s about time people like me put my money (and time) where my mouth is to run this PR campaign.

However, I’m out on my feet because of various project work. All I can say for now is Horror Day will be most revealing! *cheshire cat grin*