Horror Day Eve (the hour before midnight)

I have to hand it to Aussie horror writers. They’ve really picked up on the Horror Day campaign. Tomorrow (well, almost today going by the clock), should be a facinating experience.

A few groovy swingers are already into the action:

Perth’s writer not-in-residence, Martin Livings, has teamed up with Stephanie Gunn to produce an online Horror Day anthology! Check it out, because it will only stick around for precisely 48 hours!

ABC online hero-behind-the-scenes Gary Kemble has pulled together a smorgasbord of horrific delights on Articulate. Well worth a look for some expert opinions.

The Australian Horror Writers Association (AHWA) have snagged a whole swag of mainstream media publicity from all this. Most notably, there will be a mention on Triple J’s drivetime program tomorrow afternoon, and AHWA Vice President Kirstyn McDermott is doing an interview with Richard Stubbs on Melbourne radio. Tune in!

There’s also a bunch of folks putting horror stories online and generally spruiking for the dark muses that inspire we of the horror genre. Check out the blogosphere for a damn entertaining time.

Speaking of which, don’t forget the Horror Day reading at Fantastic Planet tomorrow evening at 6pm. Free booze, plus tales of suspense and terror from Stephen Dedman, Carol Ryles, Lee & Lyn Battersby, and myself.

Remember: Friday the 13th – Fantastic Planet (Shafto Lane) – 6pm – free booze and horror stories! Come one, come all!