Hits and Bindings

I took that trip down to Fremantle today. It was in fact quite a pleasant trip, as Ange decided to tag along. During the trip, we discussed further the merits of the Shadowed Realms submissions. She even brought along a couple for line editing. Now that’s what I call dedication!

Picking up the Disparate Whispers manuscript was no problem. Taking it for binding was no problem (and incredibly cheap!). The real problem was the end result – the manuscript looked so damn good, bound and professionally covered, it was almost heart-wrenching to give it up to the State Literature Centre people. Of course I did, but leafing through the pages, seeing all twenty two stories in an actual book-style format, it was all very satisfying.

In fact, in many ways it was humbling, but offered perspective at the same time. There are countless authors out there with published books, each and every one (despite their success, or lack thereof) with that unique understanding, that deep-down sense of accomplishment, of seeing their words, ideas and labours in a professional, saleable product. It made me determined to succeed, and as envious as all hell.

On returning home, I reviewed all that has happened with Shadowed Realms. This displaced much of my turbulent emotions, as there is plenty of good news on this front. Going by the statistics, the Shadowed Realms website is fast becoming a success!

Shadowed Realms site (June 04)

Page views: ~7,500

Total Hits: ~15,000

There hasn’t been a submission come in for a day or two, although we have fielded one or two more queries. However, this has given us a chance to finalise our current stories. Emails will go out in the next few days to advise authors of their submission status. Could be fun times ahead.