In the interest of my sanity (which is fragile at best), I will discontinue posting in my blog until after Clarion South has concluded in mid-February.

Story-wise, I have completed The Cutting Room (3400 words) and given it a major revision already (largely thanks to Ange). It will be formally critiqued tomorrow. I have also completed The Garden Shed Pact (3800 words), which I consider to be an excellent first person story (devoid of dialogue). I’m not sure whether this will be a Swanwick crit or a Datlow crit. I want my absolute best for Ellen, but that may come in the next few stories I’m getting into.

Further details of the Clarion South experience will be posted (with pictures, I would imagine) when the hiatus ends. For now, I’m conserving energy for the important things – going into overdrive on new stories, and keeping in contact with my family. For those Clarionites reading this – stop it: get back to work!