Here comes the pitch…

Firstly, I’ve made good on the Smoke and the Mirror – at least in the title anyway.

My arm is sore today (idealistically more than physically) – I’ve leaned back, swung the ball around a few times for theatrical effect, and thrown a magnificent pitch – for a television series.

Moving away from the dodgy baseball metaphor for a sec… yes, I’ve sent in a proposal to a television/movie production company for a series based on my Firewall stories (Firewall v1.1, and the in-progress Firewall v2.0 & Technomancer). I’ve pitched the series as under the working title Technomancer (for an idea of what it is, think computer hackers meets Buffy/Angel).

I had other concepts, such as developing my ideas of King of the Crows, and Scarecrow Reigns, but based on the ‘tv marketability’ of the Technomancer concept, I’ve decided not to pursue these other ideas for now. As this whole TV thing is a new frontier, I’ll test the waters with what I consider to be a strong idea and then see how things pan out.

Tonight: Off to Hogs Breath Cafe for a decent hunka steak.

Tomorrow: KSP SF group (eek, I’m woefully underprepared!).