Harbinger: Proximity Omega

I failed to mention my writing progress in my previous post.

In the last couple of days, I have knuckled down on Harbinger. At 4500 words, I rattled off a Brand chapter (i.e. a chapter featuring Captain Brand). Following his progress through the Prox, I couldn’t help but daydream about the possibilities – anthologies, short story spin-offs etc. To some extent, I have dealt with this by creating a Harbinger Tie-ins page. This details the links in my short stories to the Harbinger mythos/universe.

However, I have grander plans. Once Harbinger is published, I shall approach a few of he larger computer/console games developers and see if they’re interested in striking up a partnership. The Harbinger franchise offers endless, gore-spattered gaming opportunities. The working title is Harbinger: Proximity Omega. Think of it in terms of Diablo-style third person gaming, with the high-tech projective weapons of modern warfare, and a character who gains random superhuman abilities while losing his humanity (and potentially the player loses control of the character). Then you’ll have some idea what I plan.

All of this has spurred me on to finish the book. I am officially at 70,000 words, and climbing at a rapid rate.