Hangin’ around

I’ve just finished work on a story that’s been hangin’ around for a week or so – The Hanged Girl. It’s a working title, but captures the essence of the story.

Here’s a sample:

The body dangled in complete stillness, a macabre centrepiece to the flurry of motion around it. Men in blue jackets, wearing taut latex gloves, prodded with tweezers and arcane-looking devices at the carpet. All were busy keeping their eyes at ground level, lest their glance stray to the girl’s face.

At 4100 words, it’s my first significant short story in a couple of months. A horror story to boot.

On Sunday (at the KSP SF group) I also wrote some excellent words for Charonimo. It was part of an exercise, writing pure dialogue only. I now have a groovy start to Charonimo, and a much better idea as to its direction. Coming out of that meeting, I’ve volunteered to be the facilitator/chairperson for the next meeting. This means I need to come up with some viable writing exercises. Could be interesting. First step – deepest, darkest fears.

Other than that, today has been rather terrible.

First off, Ange was informed her application for the dream job she applied for won’t even be considered, because despite her mailing it on Thursday, they only received it on Tuesday, and told her they would not consider a late application. I say screw that, you cheap arse WA government autocrats. I mean come on! It’s not a life or death decision – just a case of considering an application that was posted well within the deadline (Monday COB). Grrrr!

On top of that, I found out this evening that despite five long months at The Third Alternative, Alley of Dead Whores has been rejected. I’m crushed. It was a great white hope for me – one of my sure things. Now I must shop it around, but at 6k, it is too long for most horror mags, and probably too horrific for most SF/F mags. Sigh.

Oh, and I also found out I was not considered shortlistable for a web journalism job tonight. Double sigh.