Great Cthulhu’s overstretched tentacle!

David Conyers gave me the good news the other day that Chaosium has plans to release his anthology Cthulhu’s Dark Cults late this month or next.

It’s been a long wait, but that’s cool, as I’ve been on both sides of the publishing machine and I understand how delays creep in.

The awesomeness about this is that the anthology is packed with excellent stories involving the cults and secret societies that serve the nefarious ends of the Great Old Ones. There’s plenty of Aussies in this antho, but my real interest is that my novella “Requiem for the Burning God” is in there, too.

If you’re keen on a story that features mercenaries biting off more than they can chew in the caves beneath the Peruvian Andes – with ample helpings of zeppelins, biplane dogfights, insanity, horrific deaths, and the corpse of a not-quite-dead god – then this story is for you.