Graveyard Orbit out now in Midnight Echo #6

Midnight Echo 6The special sci-fi/horror issue of Midnight Echo, edited by David Kernot, David Conyers, and Jason Fischer, is now available. Midnight Echo #6 contains my novelette “Graveyard Orbit”, the latest installment in my ‘Ravenous Gods‘ cycle of Mythos-inspired stories. If that’s not incentive enough to grab a copy, Midnight Echo #6 features great fiction from Cody Goodfellow, Stephen Dedman, Andrew J. McKiernan, Joanne Anderton, and more!

Here’s a bit of info about “Graveyard Orbit”:

In the future, the deep space exploration vessel Wellington encounters the unthinkable orbiting the uncharted planet Osiris II.  Amid the debris of a trillion alien corpses, the Wellington’s Captain Walker will stumble upon an unlikely ally – and potentially, the secrets of the universe.

Buy a copy of the print version here or download an electronic copy here.