Grand Experiment Book 7: Apocrypha Sequence: Inferno

And last, but certainly not least, the final book in the Grand Experiment isĀ Apocrypha Sequence: Inferno. The stories in Inferno chart the invasion of Australia by daikaiju-sized monsters and the subsequent fall of civilisation. Unlike the other books in the Sequence, these stories in Inferno are linked by characters and share the same world.

Price: $1.99 (Inferno is double the word count of the other books in the Apocrypha Sequence!)

ISBN: 9780987076854

Blurb: Apocrypha Sequence: Inferno explores the invasion of Australia by legendary monstrosities. With the Kraken’s rise off the shores of Western Australia, an age of monsters is ushered in. When wits and heroics fail, a secret cabal of guardians will take drastic, devastating measures to protect everything they know and love. In the aftermath, when everything has turned to ash, hope will find a way.