Grand Experiment Book 6: Apocrypha Sequence: Insanity

To jump slightly out of alphabetical order, book 6 in the Grand Experiment (and the third in the Apocrypha Sequence) is Insanity. Originally, this was to feature my Cthulhu Mythos-inspired stories, but when I chose to publish Requiem for the Burning God separately, which took the guts out of a Mythos collection (for now … one is planned for next year!), I found there were plenty of other stories of mine that involved madness or snapping under pressure. No need for cosmic horror entities at all! So here we are, a collection of stories about people going nuts and doing the darnedest things.

This collection features an original: “The Black Door“.

Price: $0.99

ISBN: 9780987076861

Blurb: Apocrypha Sequence: Insanity explores the human mind as it is pushed to breaking point. What if every man you’d ever met was named Ian? What if the stress of an unrelenting routine intruded while you were stopped at an intersection? Insanity is a darkness that can envelop you before you’re even aware of it. Sometimes, it begins with an itch, sometimes, a mysterious invitation. Regardless of the catalyst, it never ends well.