Grand Experiment Book 5: Apocrypha Sequence: Divinity

The second book (in alpha order) in the Apocrypha Sequence and fifth book in the Grand Experiment isĀ Apocrypha Sequence: Divinity. This e-book collects my stories about deities being nasty, selfish, or downright unfathomable.

This collection features an original: “Blasphemy on Eight Wheels“.

Price: $0.99

ISBN: 9780987076847

Blurb: Apocrypha Sequence: Divinity explores the fallibility of the gods. Mysterious powers pull humanity’s puppet strings, and although these deities may seem wise and benevolent, glimpse through the illusion at their true natures. Imagine the story of Moses and the exodus of the Jews from the perspective of an Egyptian commander who has lost everything to the ten deadly plagues. Can solace be obtained from a religious manifestation that appears only to mock? And in a world of shifting moral values, who is to say the Antichrist isn’t just a decent guy dealing with his own issues?