Grand Experiment Book 2: The Smoke Dragon

The next book in the Grand Experiment is my Japanese fantasy novella The Smoke Dragon, which was originally published in Fantastic Wonder Stories (Ticonderoga Publications) as “Yamabushi Kaidan and the Smoke Dragon”. The story was nominated for a Ditmar Award (Best Novella/Novelette) and an Aurealis Award (Best YA Story), so the revamped version has a fine pedigree. The Smoke Dragon is the only one of my e-books that will be free (on Smashwords – you can’t do freebies on Amazon). The special thing about The Smoke Dragon is that it forms the prologue of my forthcoming novel Circle of Tears. As a bonus, I’ve included half of Circle of Tears’ next chapter (The Ghost of Musashi) in The Smoke Dragon.

Price: Free! (Smashwords) or 0.99c (Amazon)

ISBN: 9780987076823

Blurb: In a Japan that never was … Yamabushi Kaidan is a mountain monk with tremendous fighting ability and spiritual powers, Yumi is a brilliant but untested warrior, fighting for her village and her independence, and Kaidan’s apprentice Akio is a gifted healer with a courageous heart, but can their combined prowess save the village of Kyuusai from the onslaught of the Smoke Dragon, an evil never before seen in the Autumn Valley?


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  1. Downloaded. Will do a review. Cheers Sean