Grand Experiment addendum

Just an addendum to my Grand Experiment ground rules.

All of my e-books will be DRM free and lending rights will be enabled (for the Amazon Kindle versions).

I believe in e-book freedom, and while I understand this will make piracy easier, I’m also trusting that the majority will buy my books in good faith.



  1. I note that Angry Robot have gone the same way at least on the DRM free.

  2. Shane Jiraiya Cummings says:

    They have indeed. I think their ebook prices are still a smidgen too high, but they’re certainly leading the way compared to their more established colleagues.

  3. Sorry missed your response. Don’t seem to be able to subscribe to comments.

    AR had them at around the 8 dollar mark IRC, which is fairly low for traditional publishers I suppose.

    • Shane Jiraiya Cummings says:

      Sorry, Sean, this WordPress template doesn’t have a comment RSS (as far as I can see!)…

      Yeah, $8 for me is way too high. I read an article recently that explained the different expectations between publishers (who want ebooks highly priced when a book is first released) versus readers (who want cheap ebooks, regardless of when they’re published). I’ll see if I can find that article and link it on this blog.

      Personally, I think ebooks should be no higher than $5. Anything more than that and readers will be put off – or want more bang for their buck. I know I would.