Global domination Step 1: Giving stuff away for free!

I’ve been very keen to harness the power of the web for my fiction, and in that vein, the generous yet mysterious Brothers Gunther have published my story “Itch” as part of the LegumeMan Books free series.

“Itch”, I say?

It begins as an idle rub. A calloused palm. Friction and hair. A lingering heat like a Chinese burn … Scratching an itch can be like a bad high: the satisfaction comes at a price; the itch is appeased but the damage is done. Sometimes, scratching a persistent itch can make people go to bloody extremes and lead to nasty surprises.

(Itch was first published in Horror Literature Quarterly #1 in the US and recently featured in Shards, but thanks to LegumeMan Books, is now available free for the first time in Australia, via the magic of the interwebs!).

The story is thirteen pages of subtly horrific fun, so if you have a spare five minutes, feel free to scratch that itch.

If that dose of free fiction isn’t enough, you can download my free chapbook Shards: Damned and Burning (click on the Shards thumbnail for download info) or visit my website (and click on the Free Fiction link).

And if those free stories appeal, you can purchase many more in Shards for a measly $17.95 from the Brimstone Press website. The collection features disturbing fun for the whole family!