Getting nasty

Unable to sleep (feeling creative I guess?) I’ve stayed up and sunk into a late night writing session. In just over an hour, I’ve hammered out an additional 500 words and ended the latest Brand chapter. This brings my word count to over 1200 for today. A day I normally do not touch the computer. And I’m pretty darn pleased.

However, I found I’ve thrown in a complication at the end of the chapter I didn’t expect. While this has confused me, I see it having a number of possibilities that tie in well with the early parts of Outcast (Harbinger book 2).

I also find that late night sessions tend to produce nasty passages. Here’s a sample:

“Fuck this,” he growled, as the thing lurched forward.

Ducking beneath a wild claw swipe, he jammed his free hand under the monster’s chin, lifting it bodily from the floor and slamming it with inhuman force into the curve of the tunnel wall.

Its head collapsed forward with a loud snap.

“Don’t fuck with me,” Brand snarled at the slumping body as it twitched madly. “It’s been a shit of a day.”

Certainly Captain Brand, I sympathise. Soulless monsters tend to do that to you.