Gateway Drug now a bestseller!

Scott Nicholson’s awesome dark fiction collection, Gateway Drug, is going great guns on the Amazon Bestseller list, having just cracked the Horror top 10. More importantly, the ebook is cheap at the moment (99c on Amazon – save $2!). ┬áIf you choose to pick up this brilliant collection at a bargain price, you’ll be thrilled to discover bonus stories from myself and UK horror legend Tim Lebbon inside. My contribution is the sexiest autopsy story ever written, “The Cutting Room”.

Gateway Drug


A man finds out that fast cars and fast women don’t mix, especially when they are dead. A rock guitarist will do anything to be a star. An artist sacrifices for his art. From the pages of Cemetery Dance, Blue Murder, Book of All Flesh and other publications comes 10 tales of the strange and supernatural. Includes contributions from British horror and dark fantasy legend Tim Lebbon and Australia’s leading purveyor of terror, Shane Jiraiya Cummings, as well as the afterword “One Sick Puppy.” DRM-free.

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