Galley Club Award nomination!

ADFH2007I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that I was nominated for a Galley Club Award for the design/galley work on Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror 2007 edition.

The book was nominated, appropriately enough, in Category 13 (of 18): Non-standard Mono/duotone digitally printed book.

2008 marks the 32nd annual Galley Club Awards, which are presented for excellence in book and magazine production and issued by the Galley Club of Sydney.

The winners were decided this weekend, although no word as yet on who the winners are.

[EDIT: I’ve since discovered that I did not win category 13, but it’s fantastic to be nominated for a national award for excellence in book production. I wasn’t even aware such a thing existed until the Google Alert came in. But anway, woot!]