Freebies for review

In the spirit of this recent slew of reviews for Aussie horror, I’m offering free e-books (PDFs) of my work to anyone interested in writing a review.

The freebies (your choice of one or both):

  • Shards (flash fiction collection, illustrated by Andrew J. McKiernan, currently on the Bram Stoker Award preliminary ballot).
  • Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves (post apocalyptic Australian dark fantasy novella).

The bonus:

  • Shadow Box (Australian Shadows Award nominated multimedia anthology) – free if you want it (i.e. review optional).

The catch:

  • I request that you post a review (even a brief one) on your blog or website etc. within two months.

If anyone is interested in these freebies, please email me ( or leave a comment on this post (ensure you include your email address!).