Fluctuating Luck

Dammit! I just typed a huge entry and lost it as I tried to post it! Dammit!


Ok… starting again (but more concisely)


Hayley and I were in a car accident yesterday. She was driving (on her ‘L’s’) and as we stalled before merging from a slip lane, we were rammed from behind. Fortunately, the megalithic towbar the old pulsar has absorbed the impact and we came off completely unscathed. The same cannot be said for the other car. The poor woman (who was young and heavily pregnant) had her grille completely caved in. Ouch.


Despite withdrawing the manuscript from Fremantle Arts Centre Press, Disparate Whispers (the original ms) ended up on my dining table. The revised version is back with them for judging as part of the TAG Hungerford Award. Unfortunately, they have already rejected it, so I doubt the revised version will fare any better, even with slightly different judges.


So, I intend on leaving it in the Hungerford (will find out the result in Feb 05), but will submit it to publishers in the US and UK in two months. The two month wait will kill me, but allows me time to garner more publication credits. I’m especially hoping Alley of Dead Whores is successful at The 3rd Alternative (I’ve queried them today about the progress) and/or Hear No Evil at Weird Tales. Either publication will be a major breakthrough that will help with selling Disparate Whispers. 


In better news, Midnight on the Jetty has made the first cut for professional magazine, Sinisteria. I anxiously await the final word from them.


In breaking good news, I’m proud to say my micro fiction series, Cruel Summer (Sand, Sun, Sky, Surf, Shadow) was the very first acceptance into the Cyberpulp e-anthology, Summer Infernal. Woo hoo! It’s still in the Flash Shot Cruel, Cruel Summer Contest, but I have notified them and await their response.


Finally, for the curious, Bump in the Night is now available online at Antipodean SF for your reading pleasure. Read it! Vote for it! Enjoy!