Flashing A Killer Smile

I said last week that my quirky flash piece, A Killer Smile, was published in Antipodean SF #88. Well, today I received a fantastic review from Stephanie Gunn on HorrorScope*:

‘A Killer Smile’ by Shane Jiraiya Cummings is definitely the stand-out story for this issue. This is how flash fiction should be written – sharp, brilliant images conjured by amazingly few words. Cummings’ aptitude for flash fiction is evident in every carefully chosen phrase.

* Note for the cynical: While Stephanie and I both contribute to HorrorScope, ground rules are in place for strict neutrality when it comes to fellow editor’s stories. In no way have I, or will I, influence the opinions of others. I’m sure the same applies to people like the much published Eugie Foster at Tangent.