Five rejections and an interview (and two acceptances!)

Despite my last post/letter of apology, I find I have rescinded every grovelling sentiment contained therein and completely ignored this blog for many days. Now that I have returned, I find the Blogger people have gone berko with wholesale changes. I spent the best part of the last hour just reacquainting myself with the new interface, as well as re-entering my links and personal information in the sidebar now I’ve update Smoke and Mirrors into something a little darker.

Now, as far as the title goes, I have indeed received five rejections over the last week or so. In no particular order, Midnight on the Jetty, Practical Joke, Victims of Circumstance, Autobahn Dance and Hear No Evil have received resounding NOs from various markets. Some of these came as total surprises. Allow me to break it down:


Midnight on the Jetty – rejected by Flesh & Blood magazine. Well, this was kinda expected. Its a fantastic piece of writing, but the story has a bit to be desired. The editor hinted as much, and even stated the word ‘jetty’ started to grate after a while. Fair enough, I’ll look into it…

Practical Joke – this was a bit of a surprise, but Strange Horizons is a tough one to crack. I thought it was good, they disagreed. Abyss & Apex is the next lucky recipient, where I have higher hopes (despite their previous rejection of Rustle of Autumnal Leaves).

Victims of Circumstance – like Midnight, I did expect this to be rejected from the antho I sent it to. Not only was it under the minimum word count, in hindsight it wasn’t really right for that market. I knew it straight after I sent it. I have bundled this one to Scared Naked Magazine. My breath remains held.

Hear No Evil – well, Karma caught me for being cheeky. While I continue to regard this as my best story (well, at least my best ending) and it is due to be published by Borderlands magazine, I tried my luck by sending it as a reprint to City Clab mag. Needless to say, they spun it back to me (despite its quality) faster than a dog can lick its proverbials. I guess I deserved that. Don’t play with fire is the moral of this tale.

Autobahn Dance – *cough* *splutter* This was written for, and always intended for the Dark Highways anthology. I agonised over not finishing it when I went to Singapore/Thailand. I spent considerable time improving it straight after I returned home. It perfectly suited their guidelines. And yet – kapow! Nada. Apparently they were after something a little more monstrous. Ce la vie! I have high hopes for this one. I’ll send it to other anthos first and try my luck.


Now.. on the positive side of the ledger

Web – has been accepted for publication by Flashshot! Keep an eye on them for Hell, my story coming up on 7 June 2004. I had previously submitted Web to Flashshot, but they closed doors to submissions on the same day. After resubbing it recently, they confirmed it in their schedule within 24 hours. Just awesome!

Sobek’s Tears – Ahhh my morally poignant tale of Judaism gone wrong has found a home at first attempt – in the Apocryphal Tales: Parables of Old anthology. While I sent it simultaneously to a few other mags, this was the first place I sent it to. In fact, I wrote the story for this themed antho. I considered this a shoe-in, and it was! (Unlike my other shoe-in, Autobahn Dance). The editor has chosen this one before the final shortlist from the other stories was decided, so it must be one of the very best they received. I personally rate it one of my top stories, up there with Hear No Evil.


The interview – Someone from a Horror/SF discussion board contacted me today to conduct a 10 question interview. While I found myself flattered, I can’t but help wonder where they found my name from. Looking at the site – Night Allusions – they seem to have canvassed dozens of authors. So now I feel less special! Ah well. They probably found me from the Horror Writers Association pages. I’ll let you know what happens when he responds to my paranoid inquiry.


It’s official – I am a co-editor. After sucking in the gut and playing it cool, I emailed Robert N Stephenson from Altair Australia and asked if he’d like an offsider for his anthology An Alternative Time. Fortunately he said yes.

I think two things were in my favour. 1. My publication credits include Borderlands mag, which I think impressed him. 2. My student record for the Diploma of Arts (where Robert is my correspondence tutor) is also quite impressive. In fact, after recently receiving my assignments back, he stated one of my responses was the best he’d ever seen.

Now I wait for a shit load of slush to hit the mail box. EEK!

Perhaps this will bode well for a zillion other anthologies I’d love to publish one day. Knowing how an anthology is compiled and published will be a God-send. Already the possibilities are swirling around in my nefarious mind.