First Line meme

Nabbed from Margo

The first line to some of my most recent/in progress works:

I have blood on my hands, some of it not human. – Harbinger (novel)

The phoenix burned brightest at dusk, a beacon of hope and frustration shining on the horizon. – Phoenix and the Darkness of Wolves (‘Fading Twilight’ novella)

“Wriggly little shit.” He stabbed the blade into his thigh. Stifled the scream. – Congo Jenga

I ate her brains out of love, but there was more to it than that. – Love in the Land of the Dead

Dr. Kane believes this to be the greatest yawn in history. – Chasing Jormungand

She appeared in the mist of my bathroom mirror, her eyes haloed by the light, her face on the cusp of a scream or a prayer. – Virgin in the Mist

Danica Saint-Martin, rising television starlet, strolled outside the Cue-Chic clothes emporium when the black van glided into her life. – Razor Blade Anthropology (Guerdon for the Beautiful People)