Fighting with a naginata – how not to do it

Be warned, writers, this is a martial arts-related post (for a change). I’ve been practicing a lot of Chanbara techniques lately, and in particular, my spear and naginata techniques. I know Chanbara is a combat sport rather than a true martial art, but even so, the techniques I’m practicing are direct, practical, and above all, useful!

To give me some pointers, I checked Youtube out tonight, specifically looking for practical naginata techniques. I found some good stuff, and I also found the video below. Bear in mind these guys are the same clowns who have questioned my ninjutsu heritage. If this video is real ninjutsu, then Hanzo Hattori must be turning in his grave! It’s like the art of falling down! FAIL, fellas, FAIL.

PS. Unless you REALLY know what you’re doing, never spin and turn your back to an opponent in a weapon fight (see the line of guys near the end of the video).

PPS. Before any martial arts trawlers drop in to correct me – yes, I’m aware that the weapon Hatsumi is using is a bisento, a heavier anti-cavalry polearm. I know some schools use it as a naginata training aid, but using a cavalry weapon like this just looks ridiculous (particularly when the guy can barely hold the weapon!).


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  1. David C says:

    Hmmm, I remember fighting a black belt back in my karate days. The way he could turn his back on me with impunity was somewhat bemusing 🙂