Feeling cool

I’m into my second week of serious working out. Walking 3-5 kms every day (mostly with Ange), two daily sessions on the bike, and now some major repetitions on the weights. The muscle burn is seductive. Like a reacquainted old friend you thought alienated and gone forever.

I have to say I’m not a particularly fitness-conscious person – but I have been blessed with an athletic background. I don’t often mention it (and in fact only recently Hayley was astounded when the magnitude dawned on her), but I am in fact a multiple Australian sword fighting champion. A Grand champion. I even took down the Japanese World Champion in the process (hell, I was even overmatched, as he wielded a 2m spear and I a 1m sword).

3 times Australian champion (1994-1996, with Two-Handed and Freestyle sword, and Spear), 5 times NSW State Champion, and multiple placings. My battles with my twin brother Damien were the stuff of legend. Back in those days (my late teens to early twenties) I was astonishingly fit. I represented Australia in the 94 World Chanbara Championships. I attained black belts in Iga-ryu ninjustu, and Chanbara (the aforementioned weapon fighting).

But for several years now, I seem to have forgotten that level of fitness in favour of a comfortably sedentary lifestyle. No more.

It will be a few months before the results finally show through, but I already feel better for the workouts. Ange and I tried something similar at the start of the year, but this time it’s different. I WANT it. I’ve labelled myself Jiraiya – the name bestowed upon me by a Ninjustu Grand Master. I sure as hell won’t let the name -and the reputation – fall into disgrace.

As a consequence of all this fitness stuff, I feel cool, genuinely cool, for the first time in a long time. I donned the leather trenchcoat, refused to shave my three day growth, and went into my TAFE class feeling inordinately pleased with myself. Of course, no one else gave a stuff, but that the Australian way. I would expect nothing less.

So, carried on this wave of self-confidence, my vigour for resuming training is increasing. I have all the equipment there. It’s always been a pipedream to start up private lessons here in Perth, and maybe one day try something larger scale. Hell, I think I’ll bring a few of my Chanbara swords to Clarion South with me in January – that should shake the locals up.

On high audio rotation:

The Reason is you – Hoobastank

Come as you are – Nirvana

Ice Ice Baby (punk version) – some dodgy punk band