Fartin’ around

Did a bunch of novel words today – I didn’t meet my quota, primarily due to a major lack of concentration, but I did do a few pages more than abject zero. I expect to do better tomorrow.

All else remains quiet at present, very little to report.

I’ve sent Revision is Murder off to Lenox Avenue, even after Ange’s ‘nmmm, okay I spose’ nonplussedness of the story. I revised it a bit before sending, but it’s a strange one that I’m not sure what to do with.

I’m in a story submission lull. My hopeful stories are languishing at the Third Alternative (5 months), Weird Tales (5 months), Chizine (10 days – a record for me!), ASIM (50 days – in short list)& Ideomancer (28 days – rewrite resubbed) among many others. Haven’t heard much on these subs, or any others, for a good while.

Ange and I have been rigorously maintaining our health regime, which seriously lapsed for six months of the year. After our fourth or fifth 4-5k walk in a row, she even had the energy to get the blower up on the roof and clean the gutters AND liberate the exercise equipment from the shed.

We’ve both vowed to get back to peak fitness by the time we hobnob it at conventions and public outings.