Fantastic Wonder Kaidan

I should fulfill my obligations here. Russell has suggested I’m a publicity whore. I figure I’m just helping to promote quality merchandise. 😉

Anyway, my Japanese fantasy novelette “Yamabushi Kaidan and the Smoke Dragon” (the first of the Yamabushi Kaidan series started at Clarion) will be appearing in the Fantastic Wonder Stories anthology.

For 05 Clarionites out there (and for everyone else for that matter), the story is expanded, revised, and brimming with the blossom-cloud adventures of Japan’s most mysterious mountain monk. Truth be told, it ain’t horror, so it might be considered something of a departure from my usual fare.

Despite the editor’s workload-inspired angst, I for one think Fantastic Wonder Stories will probably be the pick of the Oz original fiction anthologies published this year (not including Black Box, of course, which is a different kettle of fish altogether!). I’m looking forward to FWS. If you’re keen, it’s available for pre-order for 5c postage (looks like a limited-time deal!).