Fandomedia and Shadow Box launch

As a con report, this will be miserly – Angela and I spent the majority of our time at Fandomedia on the Brimstone Press table. Admittedly it was a very cool table, with black velvet, gargoyle and spider paper weights, the clawed hand clutching a Shadow Box CD, and our skull with the flip-top head which served as cash repository.

The launch itself went surprisingly brilliantly with Martin, Stephanie, Lyn, and Lee on hand to read their Shadow Box stories. It seemed almost the entirety of the con filled the room (it was a modest turnout, but that provides more intimacy). Unfortunately no whizz-bang special effects like at the Shadowed Realms launch at Continuum earlier in the year (the speakers weren’t working), but plenty of enthusiasm made up for that.

While our camera also went bunk, the delightful Steph has posted some images of the event on her livejournal.

Overall, Shadow Box sales went well, particularly for a smaller con, and justified our attendance at the con.

While Ange took care of the table, I fronted up to the ‘Comedy in Horror’ panel with Martin and Stephen Dedman. The crowd was minimal to start, but soon filled the room. The discussion was lively enough, with Stephen and Martin probably doing the lion’s share of the discussing.

After that, we spent a bit more time at the table before catching the ‘When Comedy Goes Too Far’ panel, which was frenetic and filled with jokes that won’t leave my brain for a long time to come.

The con crowds drifted away after that, so at about 5.30pm we packed our portable horror show and headed back to Shadowed Realms central.