Every Girl Needs a Serial Killer Smile

Phew! It’s been a hard slog over this past week or so. TAFE assignments have been coming out of my ears (only a couple of weeks to go!), Shadowed Realms submissions are through the roof in the leadup to the Christmas close, and various other dramas have kept me firmly away from the ole blogger.

I’ve been particularly productive in the last couple of days. I’ve finished two major, major assignments (and the hand-coded 10-page HTML site looks absolutely splendiferous!), done various other things, and even kept my hand in on the writing.

In fact, this morning I penned a weird/intriguing flash story, entitled Every Girl Needs a Serial Killer Smile. It’s tiny, but very cool.

Here’s a snippet (which is actually damn near all of it!):

Every girl needs a serial killer smile. White teeth like bleached bone, ruby lips the shade of blood. A neat slit in the face more precise than a deft blade twist. Every time you flash it, some hapless fool drops like a coal sack at your feet.

I’ve also been hammering away (in morsels) at Singing in Prague. It’s coming along nicely, but is falling short of the surreal masterpiece I intended. I need to return to novel writing, so I’m keen to clear the decks on the outstanding short stories.

I also spoke with Damien and Stacey about my upcoming Clarion South trip. It appears I’ll be flying to Coffs Harbour, and then going on a road-trip to Brisbane after a few days with the family. It should be fun. Haven’t caught up in a good, long while.